Bangladesh is considered as the second largest Muslim country, with the number of its population exceeding 155 million persons and an area of 14757 square kilometres, two thirds of which is water and rivers. Bangladesh suffers from natural catastrophes every once in a while due to its geographical nature, including “Sedr” hurricane of 2008, which destroyed a big number of houses, mosques, schools and wells, and damaged vast areas of agricultural lands. Pursuant to the noble directions of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait to donate 10 million dollars to extend rescue to Bangladesh as a result of this crisis, KRCS was mandated with the task of offering the required aids. Under this framework, KRCS launches relief campaigns loaded with humanitarian aids to the affected persons. It purchased 500 pumps to withdraw water from underground wells, 350 fishing boats with engines and 50 ploughing machines used in cultivation, as well as building around 20 shelters to accommodate a large number of affected persons. The number of those killed as a result of the hurricane was estimated by approximately 3500 persons with thousands missing, in addition to hundreds of wounded.