Support projects to Yemen Yemen is suffering from a catastrophic humanitarian situation since the inception of war there between the official forces, the militias of the dethroned president and the Houtis, which led to a humanitarian crisis affecting numerous areas and depriving millions of the population of the essential food and medicine, as well as displacing thousands from their places and causing serious damages to the infrastructure.Estimates indicate that this ongoing war since 19 March 2012 caused the death of more than 2000 persons, injury of 30 thousands, the displacement of more than 300 thousands from their places, the spread of epidemics and different diseases, the shutting down of hundreds of schools and depriving around two million child from education. In 18 April 2015, KRCS announced the launching of a popular campaign to collect donations to support the humanitarian situations in Yemen, in response to the difficult conditions faced by brothers there as a result of the shortage of medicine and foodstuff. The donations campaign is organized under the framework of KRCS’s humanitarian projects to provide aid to the victims of natural or man made catastrophes.At that time, KRCS called upon philanthropists to support its relief projects to mitigate the effects of the food and medicine crisis in Yemen and other needs, represented in providing water, health, education and other fundamental requirements to the brotherly people of Yemen. Further, it has also invited humanitarian organizations and the civil society to provide humanitarian aids, especially medical requirements and food aids.Last May 14, KRCS dispatched a Kuwaiti cargo plane loaded with medical aids of a total weight of 40 tons to Sharora Airport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to be transported to Yemen, which were distributed to three hospitals in A Makla City, in cooperation with the Yemeni Relief Higher Committee.The offering of aids to Yemen did not stop at its internal regions. Rather, it exceeded these areas to the countries where the Yemeni displaced people moved, including Djibouti where approximately 12 thousands moved, which was visited by a field team of KRCS and distributed basic needs of food, clothing health and domestic materials to them.