Fishing boats for fishermen in Thailand
As a result of the exposure of coastal areas in Thailand to tsunami waves on 26 December 2004, 386 villages working in fishing, with a population of approximately 120 thousand persons, lost around 4500 fishing boats and the fishing tools were exposed to extensive damage.Eight fishing docks with their infrastructure were exposed to massive damages, in addition to the exposure of the aquatic organisms industry sector to serious relapses, since around 15800 fish cages were damaged, which caused a loss of approximately 33 million dollars. To compensate these extensive losses, KRCS initiated the handing over of 300 boats in Puckit Island to the fishermen, in a ceremony attended by the chairman, Barjas Hamoud Al Barjas, and KRCS deputy chairman, Dr. Helal Al Sayer, as well as its honorary treasurer, Saad Al Nahed, and the Kuwaiti ambassador to Thailand, Khaled Al Shibani.The Thai fishermen’s dream to return to work and earn their living after the tsunami crisis became a reality, thanks to the efforts of KRCS. The fishermen headed to the water with their new boats, in search for their source of living and a better future, following the crisis which took away more than 5 thousand lives in Thailand, and expressed their appreciation to the government and people of Kuwait for helping them to transfer the dream into reality.