Supporting the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan
Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, KRCS did not save efforts to extend aids and relief to Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries to Syria, particularly Jordan and Lebanon. Rather, this has become a constant approach which includes the different types of aids.KRCS’s presence in these countries was prominent, through the various relief campaigns and aids convoys to the Syrian refugees, particularly during the harsh Winter times, and in the periodical humanitarian donation campaigns launched by KRCS. KRCS provided numerous services to the Syrian refugees in Jordan, including the circumcision of 1000 Syrian boys, the opening of a dental clinic, providing five incubators for the premature babies, and dispatching 30 trucks loaded with 700 tons of relief aids, as well as the distribution of approximately 60 thousand blankets and 30 thousand tons of food and health materials, medical systems and baby milk formula.Among KRCS ‘s projects in Jordan are the bread loaf project for Syrian refugees, which served during the past year one thousand Syrian families, the fasting breakfast project for approximately 7 thousand Syrian families, and providing around 1500 coupons of purchases to the Syrian families and 1000 heaters to one thousand families. KRCS ‘s projects and works in Lebanon included the distribution of 15 thousand tons of foodstuff and health materials, more than 30 thousand blankets, 9000 heaters and the loaf project which served around 24 thousand Syrian families during the past year, in addition to the distribution of purchase coupons to five thousand families.There is also the kidney dialysis project for Syrian refugees, payment of rents for a number of Syrian families, the fasting breakfast project which included around 1000 Syrian families, while around 400 families benefits from Eid Al Adha sacrificed animals project.KRCS has also donated two vehicles to Lebanon Red Cross to transport the affected Syrian families in the areas where they are located in Lebanon.