KRCS contributed in building 25 new houses in a number of areas of in the Republic of Serbia, after their exposure to floods by the middle of 2014, with the donation of the Kuwaiti government and under supervision of the Kuwaiti embassy to Serbia. A team from KRCS visited Obrimovac City, where the houses were built, accompanied by the governor of the region, Miroslav Czchovich, which confirmed during the visit its continued humanitarian aid to reduce the crisis affecting the Serbian people and offer developmental aids by building the houses which were destroyed as a result of the floods, under the framework of alleviating the humanitarian suffering of the afflicted families and extending aid to the people whose houses and properties were destroyed. The governor expressed his deep gratitude and appreciation to the State of Kuwait’s government and people, and praised the humanitarian stands of the Amir of Kuwait in supporting the afflicted peoples in the different areas of the world and the generous support to the Serbian people, which fosters the brotherly and friendly relations and cooperation between both countries in all fields.