Support to the USA after Katarina Hurricane
Following Katarina hurricane in 2005, which left behind extensive damages and caused hte death of approximately 1833 persons, KRCS rushed to offer material aid at that time of 25 million US dollars to the victims of the hurricane. The donation was handed over by the deputy chairman, Dr. Helal Al Sayer, to build four premises in favour of the American Red Cross Society in Baton Rouge City in Louisiana State. Malven Holden, Baton Rouge governor, awarded Dr.Al Sayer a certificate of appreciation and the governor’s medal, in view of the volume of donation offered to them. In appreciation of Kuwait’s honourable role, the governorate administration in Baton Rouge has decided to make July 15 each year as a day for Kuwait, in recognition of the efforts of Kuwait extended to the victims of the hurricane and the generous contribution offered to the American Red Cross Society.