Resources Development Department

The Resources Development Department is considered as the main vein for feeding the charity works carried out by the Society, through maintaining and developing the partnership in social responsibility with individuals, institutions and companies.

Companies and institutions nowadays play an important role in providing support to humanitarian & community issues, reflected in the integration of social responsibility into their corporate strategy, or the adoption of ways and means for charitable work in order to highlight their role in human and community development. Companies today also strive to contribute towards the spread of such values in the community as well as align them with their values and ethos.

The Red Crescent Society represents a strategic option for companies seeking to boost their role in social responsibility and link their name with the highest standards of humanitarian and moral commitment. The Red Crescent has earned its credibility and trust as a result of its unwavering commitment to its humanitarian principles and its mission “to preserve and protect human dignity through capacity-building, humanitarian and voluntary work, and the strengthening of the role of partnerships in the provision of outstanding humanitarian services.”  Kuwait Red Crescent Society is the link that connects humanitarian action with its believers through providing assistance and aid to the most vulnerable, whether such vulnerability is caused by social status or wars or natural disasters, without discriminating on the basis of religion, doctrine, gender or colour, and heedless to political or intellectual beliefs.

Balsem Project

Balsem is a humanitarian initiative aimed at collecting donations from passengers on Kuwait Airways flights. The project is co-managed by Kuwait Airways and the Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS).