President of KRCS

After long years of institutional humanitarian work in Kuwait, considered as an extension of the journey of goodness and philanthropy adopted by the fathers and grandfathers, and followed by children, this humanitarian action has become a practical model followed in world countries, which gave the most magnificent examples in volunteer activity and contributed in portraying a clear image on the humanitarian action of this philanthropic country, as well as present a realistic picture on its futuristic view which developed from traditional rescue actions into developmental activities aimed at rescuing the needy from the state of misery and poverty into the best possible condition by providing their fundamental needs, in preparation for reaching self sufficiency and self-reliance.Throughout its history, the wise political leadership of Kuwait was keen to support this humanitarian Cause , encourage it and sponsor it, in view of its belief in its great role in fostering cooperation between nations and realizing the sublime goal of humanity, which is cooperation, joint action and solidarity in the face of crises, challenges and tragedies.



Human action was and is still a firm approach and an established principle in Kuwait’s vision for cooperation among countries. We have also touched this in the journey of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber al Sabah, may Allah protect him, and his vision of the relations which should prevail among the nations. A part of this sound vision is represented in offering humanitarian aid and support to all the vulnerable communities, particularly in the aftermath of natural catastrophes and conflicts which destroy human societies and displace the innocents, away from geographical, religious and ethnic boundaries.

On this basis, His Highness the Amir of Kuwait was awarded a distinguished global recognition from the United Nations Organization in September 2014, by naming His Highness as the “ humanitarian leader ”, in addition to naming the State of Kuwait as a “Global Humanitarian Centre”, in view of the leading humanitarian role of Kuwait based on its belief in the unity of humanity and its conviction of the significance of partnership between nations, as well as unification and activation of international efforts for the purpose of maintaining the fundamentals for which life was established.

Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) is considered as one of the leading Kuwaiti lighthouses in the field of humanitarian action, which assumes a great role in its activities and projects inside and outside Kuwait. KRCS enjoys a great appreciation from a large number of international and regional organizations concerned with humanitarian action, as it works to mitigate the humanitarian suffering resulting from catastrophes and crises witnessed by several regions in the world and endeavours to contribute in maintaining human dignity, enhance their living conditions and offering aid and assistance to the most vulnerable and needy humanitarian situations, whether resulting from a certain social status, the breakout of wars and conflicts, natural catastrophes, social or economic crises.

The wise leadership of Kuwait and its wise government have mandated the task of executing noble humanitarian actions to KRCS, which endeavoured to contribute in any humanitarian action requested from it, and for rushing to the aid of any country wishing to receive different aids and assistance. KRCS undertook upon itself the offering of humanitarian aids and construction of development projects without discrimination between genders or races, in order to restore life to its normal in the afflicted regions as much as possible, as well as foster the ability of the afflicted person to overcome the tragedies and tribulations they suffered.