National Activites

KRCS performs various community roles in Kuwait, targeting all those in need of support, aid and assistance to overcome difficulties, tragedies and sufferings, which fosters its humanitarian and social efforts.

KRCS endeavors to treat the needy patients residing in Kuwait to maintain their safety and provide medicines, medical needs, wheel chairs and other medical matters. KRCS is keen to provide all assistance to all the categories present in Kuwait. It focuses on the welfare of needy families, interaction with the social welfare houses’ guests, visiting patients in the hospitals for the purpose of providing social, psychological and entertainment welfare of the patients and guests of social welfare houses, in cooperation between KRCS, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour.

As for KRCS’s Prisons Office, it continues providing humanitarian services to the prisoners and follows up their conditions, which contributes in their psychological well-being, in addition to providing moral and material support to them and to their families.

KRCS participates in the elections of the National Assembly and Municipal Council by distributing its volunteers and ambulances as well as provide wheel chairs and parasols for the service of voters, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior’s Civil Defence Department. KRCS’s participation in such elections reflect the civilised and humanitarian dimensions of the State of Kuwait. KRCS volunteers provide first aid to those who need them while praying at the Grand Mosque during the night prayers of the last ten days of Ramadan each year, based on its humanitarian goals in providing and presenting services and first aids to the needy and its concern to provide for the comfort to individuals while praying.

KRCS organises periodical courses on first aids to the volunteers which include first aids and their objective, contents of the first aid kit, principles of first aid, first aids for fractures, first aids for haemorrhage and wounds, in addition to explanation of the principles of international humanitarian law.

KRCS was keen to organise the (students violence reduction project) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Kuwait National Petroleum Company and the United Nations Development Program. It participated in numerous exhibitions on the local level, whether at the schools, or State organised conferences, including the charity bazaar organised annually in KRCS, and the exhibition organised in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross on the occasion of the 150th anniversary since the incorporation of the International Committee of the Red Cross. KRCS receives many official and private delegations, in addition to schools and universities students to inform them of the volunteer work and roles carried out by KRCS on the local and international levels, in addition to its participation in the awareness campaigns organised by many official and private authorities.