International Activites

The State of Kuwait is keen on the government and private levels to provide development and humanitarian aids to numerous world countries, for the purpose of assisting them to fulfill their development goals.

Under its wise leadership, the State of Kuwait was able to convey its experience to the needy and affected peoples from the different world countries, provide numerous aids to them and establish a large number of humanitarian and development projects, particularly in the countries which were exposed to natural catastrophes, through KRCS.

The humanitarian operations carried out by KRCS on the local and external levels met wide appraisal and appreciation from international, Arab and local figures, besides national, international and regional organizations, in addition to the appreciation of all official bodies in the countries in which it operated.

A view of the map of countries in which KRCS offered numerous types of support, aid and assistance throughout the fifty years indicates that it include many countries in all the world continents, particularly the countries which suffered as a result of natural catastrophes or man made crises, in view of its belief in its humanitarian responsibility to provide aids to all the needy in the world and based on objectives for which it was founded.