A Journey of Philantrophy (1966 – 2018)

Almost 50 years ago, specifically in December 1965, eighteen philanthropists in the State of Kuwait have taken upon themselves the foundation and incorporation of the Red Crescent Society in the country and held a historical meeting at that time in order to launch this humanitarian edifice, which has become one of the prominent landmarks in the field of philanthropy, relief and humanitarian actions in the world.

In this meeting, this selection of philanthropists approved the articles of ssociation for the incorporation of KRCS, provided it is a humanitarian voluntary society. Then, they submitted an application to the Government for its promulgation, which took place on the 10th of January 1966, when KRCS was launched officially.

The founding members are Abdulaziz Hamad Al Saqer,Dr.Ibrahim Al Mehlhal,Dr. Abdulrahman Al Awadhi, Barjas Hamoud Al Barjas, Khaled Yousef Al Mutawa, Saad and Ali Al Nahed, Suliman Khaled Al Mutawa, Abdulrahman Salem Al Ateeqi, Abdulrazak Al Adwani, Abdulaziz Mohamed Al Shaya, Abdulla Sultan Al Kulaib, Abdulla Ali Al Mutawa, Abdulmohsen Saud Al Zabin, Ali Mohamed Al Roudhan, Mohamed Yousef Al Nisf, Yousef Ibrahim Alghanim, Yousef Jassim Al Hajji and Yousef Abdulaziz Al Fulaij.

The incorporation of the Society is an extension of the journey of goodness and philanthropy of the fathers and grandfathers, and based on the values and principles of the Kuwaiti society, its passion to stand next to the vulnerable, its desire to help the needy and its keenness to extend the hand of help to all the humanity.

The Government of Kuwait’s signing of Geneva’s four agreements for 1949 facilitated KRCS’s joining of the International Association of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, known afterwards as the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in 1991.

Following the official promulgation of KRCS, its work started through leading initiatives and numerous projects that covered different fields, such as humanitarian, relief and voluntary programs, construction fields such as building schools, hospitals and villages, and other initiatives and projects which satisfied the fundamental humanitarian needs.

Throughout its journey which extended for almost five decades, KRCS’s humanitarian action focussed on its leading humanitarian initiatives based on the idea of philanthropy, exerting efforts and giving. Helping the needy and fulfilling their fundamental needs of food, drink, cloth and housing, were the prime goals of KRCS through the numerous aids it offered to many countries which suffered as a result of natural catastrophes, such as earthquakes, floods, humanitarian crises or armed conflicts.

KRCS is keen to offer aid and assistance to the most vulnerable cases, whether this vulnerability is the result of a certain social situation, the outbreak of wars or natural catastrophes, whether discrimination between religion, creed, gender or color, and disregarding the political and ideological beliefs. KRCS – according to its fundamental definition – is a voluntary society which enjoys self independence and legal personality. It operates as a support body to the official authorities in the humanitarian field. Its field of work includes all the State governorates and it may establish branches at the different governorates. Further, KRCS is always fully ready to extend help and support to all the afflicted countries and needy peoples.