Fundamental Priniciples

KRCS Fundamental Principles

Kuwait Red Crescent Society  operates under the framework of Geneva’s four agreements, international laws and treaties which form overall the international humanitarian law.

The fundamental principles of the movement are as follows:


Exerting effort and time for prevention and mitigation of human pains, protecting life and health, guaranteeing the respect of human dignity and fostering constant understanding, cooperation and peace between the peoples of the world.


Adherence to the principle of impartiality and non discrimination between nationalities, genders, religions or political beliefs.


Abstention from participating in any hostile acts or in arguments related to political, religious, racial and ideological issues.


The national societies act as support bodies to the public authorities, and are subject to the applicable laws in the country, while maintaining their full independence in order to be able to work according to the fundamental principles of the Movement.

Voluntary service

The service in the Movement is voluntary and does not aim at making any profit.


There is no existence of more than one national society for the Red Cross and Red Crescent in each country. It services should be available to everyone and covers all parts of the country.


The international movement is a global movement in which all societies enjoy the same rights and comply with cooperating between themselves.