Yemen Relief Support

Kuwait Red Crescent Society’s Projects varied from providing emergency relief to medical camps, distributing artificial limbs, providing electricity generators for hospitals, rehabitation of medical centers, providing equipment’s for field hospitals and support to orphan children and medical treatment for Cholera patients.

  • Medical Camps

A Medical Camp for Bones, Eyes and Ears treatment was opened in Sabaa Province that provided treatment for more than 300 persons. In Aden province the Society established two medical field camps specialized in Brain, Veins, Bones joints and Eyes treatment which benefited 400 injured patients. In addition to donating an ambulance and providing treatment for 37 persons suffering from Kidney and Blood illness.  

  • Distributing Wheel Chairs and Crutches Projects

Providing 1500 double Crutches and 250 Wheel chairs province and 500 Crutches and 250 Wheel Chairs in Al-Jind Province.

  • Providing Electricity Generators to Hospitals

Providing four electricity generators to four hospitals in Aden and Taaez provinces.  Repair and maintain equipment’s in the water desalination station in the hospital kidney treatment center.The Society responded to the call of the Friendship Educational Hospital in Aden province to repair the water desalination station in the kidney treatment center in the hospital that provide care for 25 to 30 patients. The Society repaired the malfunction in that station.

  • One Body Campaign

The Society established 10 medical field hospitals covering affected and far away villages in Taaez provinces. 

  • Cholera Fighting Campaign

Providing Vaccines other medical necessities and personal hygiene bags, in addition to participating in the educational campaign directed to Yemeni families that benefited 7827 persons.

  • Distributing Food Supplies

 Food and Dates Bags distributing to thousands of Yemeni families in this Humanitarian Campaign. 

  • Sponsoring Orphans

 The Society is sponsoring 70 Orphans girls and boys in Yemen, providing them with living and educational assistance.