Supporting the Syrian refugee

                    The Kuwait Red Crescent Society continued to provide aid to Syrian families that migrated to the neighboring Countries in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey as part of Kuwait’s Humanitarian role and assist Syrian People to Relief their suffering. The assistance provides include:- 

Food Supplies packages, Blankets, Medicines, Heaters and Eid Festival clothes.

Bakery Projects (Jordan and Lebanon).

Eid-Al-Adha Project (Jordan and Lebanon).

Building Children play grounds (Lebanon).

Kidney treatments and provision of Artificial Limbs (Lebanon).

Sponsoring Orphans (Turkey) 60 Orphans ages from 4 to 6 Years.

Education through enrolling children in Kinder gardens and schools and provides transportation to and from the school.

Heating fuel (Turkey).

Psychological support (Turkey).

Wound Dressing Factory (Turkey).

Short Hearing Treatment (Lebanon).