Support for Iraq

The Humanitarian situation in Iraq lead to the migration of thousands of Iraqis from their homes and the Kuwait Red Crescent Society had to undertake its humanitarian duty to relief the suffering of the people there by providing them with the essential necessities. The Society also continued for the start of the migration crises to distribute medical and food supplies packages in addition to implementing development projects in Kurdistan and Iraqi provinces through Kuwait’s. “We are by your side” Campaign, which confirm Kuwait’s Commitment to continue providing aid and support to Iraqi Kurdistan and provide aid to migrants and refugees.

 The Development Relief and Medical Projects include:-

The Food supplies package: 308 Packages

Establishing fire schools in Kurdistan region attended by 2500 Students.

Building three medical Centers.

Providing Salah EL Dien Hospital with medical performed.

Treating Eye Patients, 120 Eye Operations performed.

180 Persons provided with artificial Limbs.

Donated three mobile Clinics with complete medical Equipments.

Providing energy supplies for 60 thousand families.