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Your generous donation will help us in the fight against poverty, disease, conflict and natural disasters wherever they may arise.

Food Security

We provide the most vulnerable families with food security through the provision of food as well as direct food donations.

Health and Medicine

We provide the most vulnerable families with healthcare by procuring expensive medications and medical supplies as well as facilitating doctor visitations.

General Relief Donation for Iraq

With your kind contribution we help the people of Iraq in several geographic areas including Erbil and Fallujah among others, with medical needs, food security, as well as vouchers for vulnerable families to buy basic household needs.

Aid for Eastern Africa

We work in Somalia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Djibouti and other Eastern African countries to provide access to water healthcare and food security.

General Relief Donation for Yemen

With your kind donations, the Kuwait Red Crescent provides food and medicine to the most affected and vulnerable in the ongoing violence in Yemen. We also support vulnerable families pay school fees for their children.

General Emergency Relief Fund

Your generous donation will help us in the fight against poverty, disease, conflict and natural disasters wherever they may arise. Unrestricted funds allow us to allocate our resources where they are needed most and your generous help will make a real difference to people’s lives in times of crisis.

General Relief Donation for Syria

Any donation, no matter how small, will help us reach and support those caught up in the biggest humanitarian crisis of the 21st century. Syria’s neighboring countries have seen a dramatic increase in refugee numbers. We work in Jordan and Lebanon to provide healthcare, food, water as well as education, to support the most vulnerable in affected areas.

General Relief Donation for Palestine

With your kind contribution we strive to meet the needs of the Palestinian people by providing food, clothes, access to education, access to clinics and medicine as well as renovating homes, whenever the need arises.

Donate to Educate

The 4th annual education campaign, aims to pay partial school fees for children from vulnerable families that are unable to keep their children in school. The donations made to the campaign will provide many underprivileged children in Kuwait with a chance to receive an education that will be a foundation for their economic and social empowerment. #donatetoeducate

Humanitarian aid for rohingya

The violence in Myanmar has led to the displacement of thousands of Rohingyas to Bangladesh, which is a new humanitarian disaster. Women, children and families forced to flee their homes to escape violence and walk aimlessly in search of safety. Thousands arrive in the already overcrowded refugee camps in Bangladesh. Many suffer from hunger and disease after long and tired journeys surrounded by fear and anxiety.

Dialysis for Syrian Refugee

Target group: Syrian refugee patients who need dialysis sessions.
Objective: To preserve the lives of as many patients as possible who are at risk of losing their lives if no intervention is made.

Session cost: 40 KD

Cost of three sessions per patient per week: 120 KD

Save Ghaza

Save Ghaza


The Kuwait Red Crescent Society’s campaign aims to relieve civilians suffering of critical humanitarian conditions in Ghouta, as thousands of infants and children are suffering of starvation. KRCS cooperates with the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) to urgently provide civilians with food supplies, medical supplies and children’s milk.

Warm Winter for Syrian Refugees

More than a million Syrian refugees in Lebanon need to stay warm during the harsh winters as temperatures fall below zero. Your contribution will secure gas and blankets. Donate and help us keep them warm.

1 liter of gas – approximately 200 Fils

Blankets – approximately KWD 5


Yemen is undergoing one of the worst man-made disasters.
Your donation will go a long way in improving their lives.


Ramadan Campaign

The Kuwait Red Crescent Society is launching its annual Ramadan campaign to assist the most vulnerable families in Kuwait through the provision of food, health and education. With 5,000 families registered at KRCS’ Department of Local Assistance, donations from corporations and individuals go a long way in improving lives. Specifically, donations provide: Food security, clothing and diapers for the elderly · Partial payments for school tuition fees of children from vulnerable families inside Kuwait. Despite KRCS efforts in 2017, there remain a great number of children deprived of an education. · Providing health care to vulnerable families by providing expensive medicines and medical supplies and access to healthcare. · Assisting people living with disabilities and their families, by providing what is needed to contribute to a better living condition including but not limited to access to physiotherapy or necessary surgery and paying partial tuition fees.

Run for Those Who Can’t

Gulf Bank Marathon 642 has partnered with Kuwait Red Crescent Society to bring medical aid to those in Kuwait who are unable to afford medical treatment. Your support will provide medical devices such as, pacemakers, cochlear devices, hearing aids, electric wheelchairs and stents. Run for those who can’t at the 2018 Gulf Bank Marathon 642 to support those suffering from chronic illness or disabilities.

Providing Education for Refugee children

Kuwait Red Crescent Society believes that education is every child’s right. Therefore, we are working to support educational centers that accommodate different levels, inside refugee camps. The project will provide educational opportunities for children of different ages and help reduce child labor issues while at the same time providing job opportunities for the teachers living inside these refugee camps.